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Random thoughts

Why I’m so sleepy……??????

Today is a hell…. I was sleeping during English lesson…. Not interesting at all but… SLEEP!!! X_O There’s a little bit of Ron Weasley in me….

Tomorrow I must go to the dentist, a tooth hurts a lot, think about a little bit of pain just befor leaving…. GYAAAH I HATE DENTISTS!!!! >.<

Saw Once upon a Time in Mexico… I loved Rodriguez and Johnny Depp even before this movie but now my love is unspeakable… they’re two evil masters!!!!!^^ LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!!^^

Also saw Mystic River…. Beautiful but disturbing, sad, bad….. I’ve got a lot to say about it… can’t bear some part of it … there’s something strange in this movie….didn’t understand at all Sean’s last decision… didn’t understand Clint Eastwood’s mind… Has he just represented a cruel and true reality, difficult to understand and unexplainable or his is the mind of a mad fascist??????? Hope for the first one….

Ettora left for Caribbean... Buon viaggio Ettora!!!! Torna presto!!!!!^^

DrCox rules!

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