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Friday home

Since I have to keep my money for tomorrow (have to eat out with my cousin and his friends) and Sunday (Halloween Party) I’m forced to stay home… no matter, since it’s raining cats and dogs and friday night are always sooo boring.

Job and thesis situations are stationary, no news.

Paola phoned me and probably we’ll go out with Toto and Ale next Saturday. Anyway she’s fine!

Elena phoned me too: she passed her last exam and told me that for Halloween she’ll dress like a Voodoo Doll. Sabrina will be SAMARA or SADAKO and I really can’t wait to see her, even if I’d like to wear a Samara dress next Halloween and now this will be impossible d’oh!!!!
Buuut my Sally costume is ready and it’s really very very cool. It’s a green dress where I sew (with blue thread) 3 pieces of cloth (one orange with blue stripes and 2 yellow patterned in blue), under the dress I’ll wear a light green t-shirt. I’ve attached 2 sleeves made with the legs of a tight and made blue seams on elbows and wrists. Then I’ve ot a pair of white and black striped socks, a pair of black boots and a tight with blue seams on the knees. With the right make up I’ll really look like Sally!!! I’d like someone to dress like Jack Skellington…. Sigh!!! -_-


LAST WHOLE MOVIE SEEN: Spirits of the Dead aka Tre Passi nel Delirio (italian title) (Terrible!!)
Ringu 0 – Birthday (VHS)
Buffy The Vampire Slayer season 3 (VHS)
READING: The Silence of the Lambs
Alan Ford #46: Risk or Die
Please Save My Earth #14
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