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Random Facts

Just some random facts, cause I have feew time!

1) My thesis is going on in spite of all the curses….
2) …..and I have to buy for it “The Age of Innocence” DVD with english track…..
3) ….only sold in UK at a reasonable price: so I bought a rechargeable Credit Card and I must try the “wonderful world of e-commerce”…. O_X
4) The greatest place in Albisola is now MONKEY… enter free and hip hop!!….and a coool barman
5) Ettora gave me Shrek, Hercules and Finding Nemo DVDs and I’m waiting for others
6) I miss NY so much
7) The pc course is ended


LAST WHOLE MOVIE SEEN: Lolita by Stanley Kubrick
WATCHING: Buffy The Vampire Slayer season 3 (VHS)
Once Upon a Time in America (DVD)
Smackdown! – Kurt Angleeeeeeeee - (VHS)
The Age of Innocence (VHS)
READING: Hannibal
The Age of Innocence
Alan Ford #54: Bu – Bu’s Snag
Please Save My Earth #14
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