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La Befana vien di notte, ecc. ecc.

Hi everybody and….
MERRY belated X-MAS and HAPPY belated NEW YEAR!!!!!!

My pc was dead so I couldn’t write for a lot again…
Anyway X-mas and New year’s eve went alla very well, party, panettone, presents, friends, the lifeguard seen on X-mas night so the best X-mas present ever and.. anything else? Toto decided to get out of his home on New Year’s eve and had a lot of fun with me and other people, Consu feat. Pusher nearly killed Nicoletta in love, I nearly killed Ilaria because on December the 24th she saw the Lifeguard of my life and talked him all night, I had and still have to dogsit Charlie, a wonderful white little doggie aaaand…… stop. Nothing else.

Now I’m back on books again. Hoping to pass the Spanish exam and to take my thesis on.
Talking about funnier things: Buffy’s 7th season is on air in Italy now, and my great love for Jonathan and Troika renewed again… My pc layout is all about DANNY STRONG. The wonderful little Danny Strong. Anyway..poor Jonathan!!!!
Wanna see THE GRUDGE. Now. And some Danny Strong’s movie. Not Seabiscuit, I simply HATE this movie. I wanna see some DS’ NEW MOVIE. I hope so!!!


WATCHING: Buffy The Vampire Slayer season 3 (VHS)
Edward Scissorhands (DVD)
Shriek if you know what I did last Friday 13th (VHS)
READING: Dark Tower IV
Alan Ford #69: A sudden idea
Please Save My Earth #21
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