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Back again

I can't remember when I wrote my last entry, a long time ago I think.

Once in a while I decide to start writing again on Live Journal, this should be the third or fourth time but I'm not sure. And it's strange cause I don't have anything new and interesting to say, so this will probably be another journal made of daily and boring things, fake work, university, friends, nights out, books, movies, comics... The same old things. But, that's the way it goes, today I'm bored and ill so I have to do something different from reading and watching tv, or I'll die.

Oh, this is not the Live Journal of a sad person, not at all. It's just today. Maybe a boring person, but not sad. Ok, SURELY a boring person. AHAHAHAHAHA.

Well, what do I have to say? Few new things, pretty important.

Last year I moved from my old house in Luceto to a new house in Ellera. Not too far just few km away but this was a huge change!!! We're living (me and my parents) in a house made of two apartment: granny upstairs and us downstairs. We've got a huge garden, so I decided to keep a cat, my first one. I've named her BEDELIA, from the name of Aldo's cruel ex girlfriend (I'm talking about an italian comic named Friday the 12nd) and from aunt Bedelia in Creepshow. She's such a strange and funny kitty, black with a lot of red stripes, she's such a little bitch. We love her. First days in the new hous were horrid, I hate everything: less space, less privacy, less comfort, and so on, but now I like to be in a quieter place and with granny upstairs.
Of course I'm still single even if this summer I've decided that my long lasting crush for Denny has been a huge waste of time and energy. Did I get wiser? Or smarter? Of course not, I just fell in love for another dork, and that made me decide that Denny was worse than him. I was wrong, they're pretty much the same. So now I'm free from both. I think. Hm. Better not think about the last one too much, I'm still weak. Anyway I've met a lot of new people, all good friends, and I love them all.
I had another trip to USA on october!!! I went to Emilia's again, with Elena and sabrina, 20 days of fun and american way of life in Baltimore and Washington!!! Beautiful cities... oh of course we spent a weekend in New York too... Big Apple Hostel, next to Time Square, such a comfortable place... no, this isn't true, it was horrid, but we were happy because we lived right in NY center!!!!
My cousin Ivana had a wonderful child in september, she called her Aurora, she's such a sweetheart... and I'm her...what's the right word...godmother? I think so... I was so happy!!! And Ale and Paola will marry on July!!!!!! YAYYYY!!!! ^___^
Last but not least... I will graduate on february!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! ^_____^ Pretty nervous of course.... Hee hee....

Well, this is all. Hope to write again soon.... just to keep my english alive...


Last whole movie seen: A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (I've got them all now!!)
The Saw II (pretty good!!!!)
Watching: Buffy The Vampire Slayer season 3 (DVD)
LAST BOOK READ: Harry Potter and The Half-blood Prince by J.K.Rowling (shocking!!!!!!)
A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby (awful....)
READING: Dragonball #34
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