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The Bride aka Black Mamba's Journal

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Monday, January 12th, 2009
4:39 pm - New blog

Long time no written.

I switched my blog interest from a Live Journal to a Movie Journal only.

Check out:


For Italian users only, I'm sorry. Don't have time to translate it and post it here....

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Sunday, January 22nd, 2006
4:45 pm - Back again
I can't remember when I wrote my last entry, a long time ago I think.

Once in a while I decide to start writing again on Live Journal, this should be the third or fourth time but I'm not sure. And it's strange cause I don't have anything new and interesting to say, so this will probably be another journal made of daily and boring things, fake work, university, friends, nights out, books, movies, comics... The same old things. But, that's the way it goes, today I'm bored and ill so I have to do something different from reading and watching tv, or I'll die.

Oh, this is not the Live Journal of a sad person, not at all. It's just today. Maybe a boring person, but not sad. Ok, SURELY a boring person. AHAHAHAHAHA.

Well, what do I have to say? Few new things, pretty important.

Last year I moved from my old house in Luceto to a new house in Ellera. Not too far just few km away but this was a huge change!!! We're living (me and my parents) in a house made of two apartment: granny upstairs and us downstairs. We've got a huge garden, so I decided to keep a cat, my first one. I've named her BEDELIA, from the name of Aldo's cruel ex girlfriend (I'm talking about an italian comic named Friday the 12nd) and from aunt Bedelia in Creepshow. She's such a strange and funny kitty, black with a lot of red stripes, she's such a little bitch. We love her. First days in the new hous were horrid, I hate everything: less space, less privacy, less comfort, and so on, but now I like to be in a quieter place and with granny upstairs.
Of course I'm still single even if this summer I've decided that my long lasting crush for Denny has been a huge waste of time and energy. Did I get wiser? Or smarter? Of course not, I just fell in love for another dork, and that made me decide that Denny was worse than him. I was wrong, they're pretty much the same. So now I'm free from both. I think. Hm. Better not think about the last one too much, I'm still weak. Anyway I've met a lot of new people, all good friends, and I love them all.
I had another trip to USA on october!!! I went to Emilia's again, with Elena and sabrina, 20 days of fun and american way of life in Baltimore and Washington!!! Beautiful cities... oh of course we spent a weekend in New York too... Big Apple Hostel, next to Time Square, such a comfortable place... no, this isn't true, it was horrid, but we were happy because we lived right in NY center!!!!
My cousin Ivana had a wonderful child in september, she called her Aurora, she's such a sweetheart... and I'm her...what's the right word...godmother? I think so... I was so happy!!! And Ale and Paola will marry on July!!!!!! YAYYYY!!!! ^___^
Last but not least... I will graduate on february!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! ^_____^ Pretty nervous of course.... Hee hee....

Well, this is all. Hope to write again soon.... just to keep my english alive...


Last whole movie seen: A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (I've got them all now!!)
The Saw II (pretty good!!!!)
Watching: Buffy The Vampire Slayer season 3 (DVD)
LAST BOOK READ: Harry Potter and The Half-blood Prince by J.K.Rowling (shocking!!!!!!)
A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby (awful....)
READING: Dragonball #34

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Wednesday, January 19th, 2005
8:56 pm - Anf anf!!
I’m getting more and more nervous. Spanish exam is approaching, like a nightmare….. I try not to think about it but, how can I?, since I have to study all day??? I wish I could work all week but Marco has flu so I have to stay home and think about the exam and get nervous. So I have to think about…whatever I can!!!!

Think: Will Consuelo ever meet the love of her life (the last of a lot!!), known on the web several weeks ago?
Think: Will I go out on saturday or friday and see the love of MY life??
Think: Will I kill the baby downstairs screaming and quarelling with whoever he sees all day long??
Think: How’s gonna end The Dark Tower? And Buffy??
Think: The Grudge scared me a lot… A week after I’m still afraid of elevators, showers and dark places….
Think: Will I ever get enough money to buy these DVDs on Play.com
< The Nightmare Before Christmas Special Edition; Fargo SE; The Craft SE; Idle Hands; Beetlejuice; Four Rooms; Mallrats; National Lampoon’s Animal House SE; The Texas Chainsaw Massacre SE; Ed Wood; Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday 13th; Rosemary’s Baby; A Nightmare on Elm Street; Knockaround Guys; Ghostbusters I/II; Donnie Darko Director’s Cut; Horror in the Attic; Perpetrators of the Crime; Last House on the Left; The Italian Job; Kill Bill vol.2; Iterview With the Vampire; Lost in Translation and Evil Dead Tilogy>
????? I hope so.
At least I know I’ll buy Buffy Season 6 Box Set. Just that. Just because italian version has been completely ruined by a bad translation. And because I’ve got a great Troika crush and wanna absolutely hear The Geeks of Doom’s voices.

And what else?

Nothing. Ta – ta for now!


LAST WHOLE MOVIE SEEN: Mulholland Drive (PLEEEZE someone explain me this weird movieee!!!)
WATCHING: Buffy The Vampire Slayer season 4 (VHS)
Amélie (DVD)
Hellraiser (VHS)
READING: Dark Tower V
Alan Ford #73: Doctor Cancer
One Piece #30

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Thursday, January 6th, 2005
3:56 pm - La Befana vien di notte, ecc. ecc.
Hi everybody and….
MERRY belated X-MAS and HAPPY belated NEW YEAR!!!!!!

My pc was dead so I couldn’t write for a lot again…
Anyway X-mas and New year’s eve went alla very well, party, panettone, presents, friends, the lifeguard seen on X-mas night so the best X-mas present ever and.. anything else? Toto decided to get out of his home on New Year’s eve and had a lot of fun with me and other people, Consu feat. Pusher nearly killed Nicoletta in love, I nearly killed Ilaria because on December the 24th she saw the Lifeguard of my life and talked him all night, I had and still have to dogsit Charlie, a wonderful white little doggie aaaand…… stop. Nothing else.

Now I’m back on books again. Hoping to pass the Spanish exam and to take my thesis on.
Talking about funnier things: Buffy’s 7th season is on air in Italy now, and my great love for Jonathan and Troika renewed again… My pc layout is all about DANNY STRONG. The wonderful little Danny Strong. Anyway..poor Jonathan!!!!
Wanna see THE GRUDGE. Now. And some Danny Strong’s movie. Not Seabiscuit, I simply HATE this movie. I wanna see some DS’ NEW MOVIE. I hope so!!!


WATCHING: Buffy The Vampire Slayer season 3 (VHS)
Edward Scissorhands (DVD)
Shriek if you know what I did last Friday 13th (VHS)
READING: Dark Tower IV
Alan Ford #69: A sudden idea
Please Save My Earth #21

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Sunday, December 12th, 2004
5:05 pm - L'ottimismo!
Intense week!!

MONDAY: Passed the Spanish exam: as we called it, ESAME CAZZATA, too easy! I just have to wait for the last (I hope!) one now….I’m so afraid… Then I went to see Donnie Darko with Toto. It’s getting better thinking about it. When you see it it’s too shocking and difficult.

TUESDAY: The best day of the week. Went to MacNamara with Monica, cause we didn’t want to go to Jubba and see Divina again (Barbara got angry and went home… what a pain in the ass!!). While we were sitting there, she saw a friend of hers and started talking to her. I started staring at a christmas sock hanging on the wall then I saw a big hand shaking in front of me… Hadn’t time enough to realize he was the man of my life,my beautiful lifeguard..in fact I just saw a big boy hugging and kissing me!!! OMG!!!! What?!? We talk once in a while cause we narly don’t know each other and then YOU come to me, hug and kiss as we were really good friends??? Really, I nearly died, he just can’t understand what this means to me…I was so and so happy that I went to the bathroom and cried like a stupid girl who sees her freakin’favourite boyband’s guy!!!
Anyway when we went away I hissed him too…. I’m not so stupid anyway….. Freakin’stupid thing: he offered me some Kebab: I refused cause I don’t like that stuff and Toto tolde me: Are you stupid???? He didn’t mean Kebab….He offered you something else.
WAHAH…. Toto, I wish!!!! XDXDXDXDXD

THURSDAY: Started working as a babysitter for a beautiful baby (Marco, 2 years old), from Monday to Friday two hours a week. He’s the cutest and sweetest baby on earth!!!
This evening beast-party with Consu and Pusher: this winter, I don’t know why, I hear from them very often….We went to Macnamara again (no love..sigh!!) and then to the Monkey where Consu introduced me to Samuele, aka Kurt Angle, wonderful handsome boy, totally stupid and a pervert too, her ex, and she wanted me to go out with me… But he still wants her, and I don’t want him, so what’s the meaning of all this??? I don’t know…

SATURDAY: Went shopping with Monica (met her friends…soooooooooo funny, like a pain in the ass!!) and in the evening went to Monkey again with Ilaria, Consu, Pusher, Jenny and (OMG) Torakiki, who was totally drunk and started screaming she wanna fuck with her boyfriend. I was sooooooo ashamed!!!!!! Why the hell is she so stupid and vulgar? How can you scream such things in a DISCO???..next to the bar, where the music is low…she started doing this at 245, at 3 I was home… I coudn’t bear her!!
And poor Ilaria was pissed all night by Kurt Angle who wanted her just because Consu was with another man… I’ve always thought he was stupid. In fact when we went away he started screaming and yelling at Consu because he wanted to “go in the bathroom” with her… Poor Ilaria!!!


P.S. Ale has chicken pox, poor thing, so I gave him some horror movies just to keep him alive. He’s ill because I’ve cursed him, of course….
And her girlfriend is sad because INVAXÖN, Buio Pesto’s movie, is on just in Genova and maybe we couldn’t see it. SADNESS!!!! T_T


LAST WHOLE MOVIE SEEN: Nosferatu a Venezia (Ale la maledizione continua….!)
WATCHING: Buffy The Vampire Slayer season 3 (VHS)
Once Upon a Time in America (DVD)
Lilo and Stitch (DVD) – grazie Ettora!!! –
The Age of Innocence (VHS)
Hellraiser (VHS)
READING: Dark Tower IV
The Age of Innocence
Alan Ford #60: Golpe
Please Save My Earth #14
Dylan Dog # 77: The last man on Earth
Gals! #6

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Sunday, November 28th, 2004
4:56 pm - All I want for X-mas....
It’s X-mas time, I can see it from…. Lights? Trees? Red and gold shops? Everyone crazy for the gifts? No…. From the Christmas Card I’ve bought for my mobile: it’s always the best way you have to understnd X-mas is near!
Maybe too near, I’m nearly fed up with it!!!
I miss NY so much and every day I have to see this wonderful city on tv… Thanks giving day, F.A.O. Schwarz grand opening… sigh!!! T_T

Yesterday I went to Genova with Monica, we nearly went crazy just to find a present for Barbara…I didn’t know who I had to kill first, Barbara who has dark and expensive tastes or Monica who simply hasn’t taste!! I didn’t think buying a black shirt would be so difficult!!
For me I bought 1 pink sweater and 2 t-shirts…. I’d like to buy Smackdown! official calendar but it has no Kurt Angle photos inside!!!!!!…….so it’s useless!

This morning I’ve given my cv to a clothes shop in the mall where my cousin Daniela works… they’re looking for a part – time apprentice so I hope to have the job!!!

And my first item ordered from a site arrived on Friday!! I was a bit worried but now I have The Age of Innocence in english! YAY!!

Hope to go and see The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind tonight…all alone, of course… On wednesday I’ll probably see The Incredibles but what I wanna really see is Donnie Darko…
Iaia la colpa è tua porca pupazza! Son 2 anni che me l’hai messo in testa, se non esce a Savona mi toccherà suicidarmi e perseguitarti in spirito come il coniglio orrido perseguita Donnie!!!!


LAST WHOLE MOVIE SEEN: Demonia (aka Liza) by Lucio Fulci (Ale cazzo sono stufa di ste minchiate di Fulci!!! Hai rotto! Tutto questo è NOIA e non ho detto gioia ma NOIAAAA!!!!!!! Porca troia!)
WATCHING: Buffy The Vampire Slayer season 3 (VHS)
Once Upon a Time in America (DVD)
Lilo and Stitch (DVD) – grazie Ettora!!! –
The Age of Innocence (VHS)
Hellraiser (VHS)
READING: Hannibal
The Age of Innocence
Alan Ford #59: Intrigue in Montecalvo
Please Save My Earth #14
Dylan Dog # 76: Black Curse
One Piece # 29

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Sunday, November 21st, 2004
5:08 pm - Random Facts
Just some random facts, cause I have feew time!

1) My thesis is going on in spite of all the curses….
2) …..and I have to buy for it “The Age of Innocence” DVD with english track…..
3) ….only sold in UK at a reasonable price: so I bought a rechargeable Credit Card and I must try the “wonderful world of e-commerce”…. O_X
4) The greatest place in Albisola is now MONKEY… enter free and hip hop!!….and a coool barman
5) Ettora gave me Shrek, Hercules and Finding Nemo DVDs and I’m waiting for others
6) I miss NY so much
7) The pc course is ended


LAST WHOLE MOVIE SEEN: Lolita by Stanley Kubrick
WATCHING: Buffy The Vampire Slayer season 3 (VHS)
Once Upon a Time in America (DVD)
Smackdown! – Kurt Angleeeeeeeee - (VHS)
The Age of Innocence (VHS)
READING: Hannibal
The Age of Innocence
Alan Ford #54: Bu – Bu’s Snag
Please Save My Earth #14

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Sunday, November 14th, 2004
2:35 pm - OMG!!!
Unlucky period think I’ve been hit by a curse….

I haven’t passed last Spanish exam and that prick named prof gave us another exam… I hate university prof, they’re a bunch of sadistic beasts….. >.<
So I can’t even think of complete my thesis soon or have a job…..fuckin’shit!!!!

Just two positive things:
I’ve started a Informatic course, just two weeks, four hours a day for five days, just to know something more on word and understand Excel that is completely unknown to me…
And Ettora is back and I’m sooo proud of her cause she’ll go to Brazil for work!

Tomorrow have to go to university just to understand why I didn’t pass the exam and to talk with some prof…I’d rather die hanged !!!
And have to spend a lot too, cause Blockbuster will sell lot of “low price” (12.90 euros) dvds that I MUST have, such as A Clockwork Orange, Shining and A Nightmare on Elm Street….yesterday I bought Amélie..I must STOOOP!!!!


LAST WHOLE MOVIE SEEN: UP! (OMG I’ve never seen a Russ Meyers movie before and I don’t think I’ll watch another… I really didn’t expect it was so explicit and weird!!! O.O)
Buffy The Vampire Slayer season 3 (VHS)
Once Upon a Time in America (DVD)
READING: Hannibal
Alan Ford #53: Arsenico Lupon assai galante e molto ladron
Please Save My Earth #14

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Friday, October 29th, 2004
8:59 pm - Friday home
Since I have to keep my money for tomorrow (have to eat out with my cousin and his friends) and Sunday (Halloween Party) I’m forced to stay home… no matter, since it’s raining cats and dogs and friday night are always sooo boring.

Job and thesis situations are stationary, no news.

Paola phoned me and probably we’ll go out with Toto and Ale next Saturday. Anyway she’s fine!

Elena phoned me too: she passed her last exam and told me that for Halloween she’ll dress like a Voodoo Doll. Sabrina will be SAMARA or SADAKO and I really can’t wait to see her, even if I’d like to wear a Samara dress next Halloween and now this will be impossible d’oh!!!!
Buuut my Sally costume is ready and it’s really very very cool. It’s a green dress where I sew (with blue thread) 3 pieces of cloth (one orange with blue stripes and 2 yellow patterned in blue), under the dress I’ll wear a light green t-shirt. I’ve attached 2 sleeves made with the legs of a tight and made blue seams on elbows and wrists. Then I’ve ot a pair of white and black striped socks, a pair of black boots and a tight with blue seams on the knees. With the right make up I’ll really look like Sally!!! I’d like someone to dress like Jack Skellington…. Sigh!!! -_-


LAST WHOLE MOVIE SEEN: Spirits of the Dead aka Tre Passi nel Delirio (italian title) (Terrible!!)
Ringu 0 – Birthday (VHS)
Buffy The Vampire Slayer season 3 (VHS)
READING: The Silence of the Lambs
Alan Ford #46: Risk or Die
Please Save My Earth #14

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Sunday, October 24th, 2004
3:29 pm - Any Given Sunday
Yesterday evening I went with Monica, Barbara and other girl to a hiphop club in Genova, it was inauguration day so there was a lot of people..not quite bad but I don’t like too crowded places… Anyway the music was cool even if one of the djs was FISH from an italian band called SOTTOTONO, which I hate a lot… anyway yesterday this Fish put on some good stuff!

In the morning Simone brought me ALL the Alias Season One dvds, with Tarantino’s episodes too, I was so happy!!!! Simone is so gentle and funny!!! I’m so sad I can only see him once or twice a month… -_-

Aand yesterday evening Bruce Willis was on tv as a guest at an Italian TV show called “Il cielo è sempre più blu” (The Sky is more and more blue)and, together with Giorgio Panariello, the host, did a lot of stupid and funny things, he also speaked italian and played the harmonica..Bruce is always the best (and he’s also toooooooooooo sexy!!!!)!!! ^__^ Of course I recorded this performance… <3 <3
Another sexy guy on tv yesterday was Kurt Angle… I wanna go to USA again… real men only live there!!!..someone lives also here in Italy but they don’t even see you…yes, I’m talking about YOU, damned lifeguard!!!!! >.<

So, now I’ll go and sew up my Halloween dress (really a long, hard work!!!!)..yep yep!!!


LAST WHOLE MOVIE SEEN: Volcano High (oh my God what a stupid movie!!!!)
WATCHING: Pulp Fiction (DVD)
Amélie (VHS)
24 (VHS)
READING: The Silence of the Lambs
Alan Ford #42: Rich Christmas
Please Save My Earth #14

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Thursday, October 21st, 2004
8:55 pm - The Italian Job ( ???)
Sad week…
Went to ALL the temporary employement agencies in Savona, gave my cv and ALWAYS heard these words: since you’re looking for a part-time job and haven’t got experience it would be VERY DIFFICULT for you to find a job!!

Ok,but how the hell will I have work experiences if I can’t work???….ther will never be an answer for such a question…

While I was home swearing like a trooper against world and agencies the phone rang… It was a corporation looking for part-time workers, they need telephone operators. So I went there for an interview but, you see, I wasn’t happy about that situation because a corporation which need to phone around just to find workers doesn’t seem so serious to me..in fact the “boss” was kinda oily, a Berlusconi wannabe and the girl who had to introduce me to the work too….and they were in a hell of a hurry, they needed telephone operators pretty soon and didn’t explain much…I refused to work there when I saw the girl at the phone using a phone guide and bother every single person on that guide, with surveys and proposals for buying some stuff… I ran away cause it all seemed so illegal!!!! X_o

Oh and Salotti, the prof teaching cinema won’t be my co-supervisor for the thesis…so I’ve got no work, no money, no co-supervisor… I’m fed up, guys!!!

Hope I’ll be able to finish my Sally costume in time for Hallowen….


WATCHING: Pulp Fiction (DVD)
Amélie (VHS)
Buffy season 3 episode “Dead Man’s Party” (VHS)
Nip/Tuck (VHS)
Smackdown! (yesterday a friend gave me a Kurt Angle photo... God how can a man be sooo sexy dressed like a normal man and at the same time be ugly while fighting in that stupid costume...anyway Angle is too cool!!!) (VHS)
READING: The Silence of the Lambs by Richard Harrys
Alan Ford # 36: The Centurion

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Thursday, October 7th, 2004
9:10 pm - 10 months....
Hi boys and girls I’m back again… I haven’t written my LJ since December… I’ve been too busy because of university but now, if God helps me a lot, if only I could pass Spanish last exam.. I will start write down my thesis and on March I’ll be able to end fuckin’ university!!!

Anyway, little bit of RESUMEN from January to..now… I…

- went to NY, USA and had a lot of fun, really the best experience of all my life!!
- Start going out with my cousin and some of his friends, with Ilaria, Elena and her friends and also became good friend of Barbara (Monica’s boyfriend sister) and her ex-boyfriend Simone
- Bought myself a DVD player (at least!!!)
- Went to Cannes (with Barbara and Simone) where I saw my little sweet and cute Quentin Tarantino, together with Uma Thurman, David Carradine, Michael Madsen, Lucy Liu, Darryl Hannah, Tim Roth, Cathleen Turner, Kevin Bacon, Pedro Almodovar and many others… One of the best day of my life!!
- With my family, started working on our new home, located in Ellera, where my granny lives… If I have to be honest I’d rather live here,Ellera is not a funny nor a comfortable place… but I’m thinking about a garden with lots of kitties!!!
- Seen nearly all Lucio Fulci’s movies because Ale wants to kill me in this way…
- Made my Alan Ford Collection bigger.

The little summary’s done….

In these days I started looking for a part time job…easy,you may think! Yeah, of course…but why the hell I can’t find one? Yesterday went to the Job Centre, where they told me I’ve lost my “ right of seniority” (I was registered there since 1996), so I had to enter again but the lady in the office told me it will be reeeeally difficult to find a part time job through the Job Center…why don’t I look for a job at a temporary employement agency?
..Ok, she’s right, but what’s the meaning of a Job Centre, then?.. Ok, I give up, I can’t understand…

Anyway tomorrow I’ll try to go to this agency…. Hope to find a job, just to do something while writing my thesis…writing…thinking about it, thinking about…..

Oh, and I also want to learn cooking!! On Monday I’ve made a smooth Chocolate Cake..yumm!!!!!

I’m a little worryed about Paola and monica… On Saturday Paola quarrelled with his boyfriend, she send me a sms cause she was so sad and told me she would call soon…but I haven’t heard from her yet!
And about Monica..well, at least her boyfriend has succeeded in leaving for London, I don’t know what the hell he’s thinking he will do there since he’s a whole prick but the point is that now Momma will surely be very sad..I’ll phone her tomorrow, cause her “RAT” leaved this morning… no words, really..he’s such a loser!!!

Ok I’ll go now..hope not to wait months before to write again!!!


WATCHING: Pulp Fiction (DVD)
Amélie (VHS)
Buffy season 3 episode “Dead Man’s Party” (VHS)
READING: Red Dragon by Richard Harrys
Dylan Dog # 67: The Man Who Lived Twice
Alan Ford # 24: Boy Scout

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Sunday, December 14th, 2003
5:49 pm - Greetings!
Since I won't be on line till January the 7th....


Hope you'll have a great time!!!^^

Hope I'll have too.....!!^^


Next:Trip to NY (I hope!)

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Thursday, December 4th, 2003
9:49 pm - Random thoughts
Why I’m so sleepy……??????

Today is a hell…. I was sleeping during English lesson…. Not interesting at all but… SLEEP!!! X_O There’s a little bit of Ron Weasley in me….

Tomorrow I must go to the dentist, a tooth hurts a lot, think about a little bit of pain just befor leaving…. GYAAAH I HATE DENTISTS!!!! >.<

Saw Once upon a Time in Mexico… I loved Rodriguez and Johnny Depp even before this movie but now my love is unspeakable… they’re two evil masters!!!!!^^ LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!!^^

Also saw Mystic River…. Beautiful but disturbing, sad, bad….. I’ve got a lot to say about it… can’t bear some part of it … there’s something strange in this movie….didn’t understand at all Sean’s last decision… didn’t understand Clint Eastwood’s mind… Has he just represented a cruel and true reality, difficult to understand and unexplainable or his is the mind of a mad fascist??????? Hope for the first one….

Ettora left for Caribbean... Buon viaggio Ettora!!!! Torna presto!!!!!^^

DrCox rules!


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Thursday, November 27th, 2003
10:35 pm - YAYY!!!!Love stewie too!!!!^^

Which Family Guy Character are you? Take the Quiz!

(put a bullet in Jigen's gun)

10:27 pm - I love Jack!!^^
Nightmare Before Christmas
You know so much about the nightmare before
christmas. You must research and study it as
much as I do. I have loved this movie since I
was a kid and studied it very hard.
Congratulations.Please Please Please vote for
my quiz.

XxThe Best and Most Challenging Quiz of The Nightmare Before ChristmasxX
brought to you by Quizilla

Of course!!NBC is one of the best movies ever!!!!^^

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Sunday, November 23rd, 2003
4:53 pm - Hop hop gadget microfonoo!!!!^^
Inspector Gadget
Inspector Gadget, Go Gadget Go!

~*What Late 80's Cartoon are you?*~
brought to you by Quizilla

I love him!!!!!^^

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4:29 pm - Spider Baby!
I've just seen a lovely movies from 60ies with Lon Chaney Jr...SPIDER BABY!!!
It's pretty scarying and quite clever...I've always thought old horror movies are better than modern ones!!!

Ettora is back and on friday we had a party together with Fran, Giuseppe (it was his birthday), Netta, Torakiki and Consu..I drank too much and have to wait before going home, cause I had to drive...I'm stupid!!!:P

Yesterday I went to Toto's and saw Shrek for the 7th time I think....it's always wonderful!!!^^

Next week Consu wants talking to Ettora and me...we'll see...


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Thursday, November 20th, 2003
9:56 pm - -29
Time runs faster and faster and it’s amazing thinking that perhaps in 29 days I’ll be in New York (perhaps, always perhaps,you never can tell…. -_-)

I’m spending my days going to university and reading the wonderful Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix… Lucius Malfoy is already appeared and I’m too happy!!^^ That is, I LOVE Harry(Ithe one I love less…) Ron and Hermione(the two I love the most and I’d like they’ll start love each other, even if Hermione is far more smart that poor Ron!!), my heart goes to Griffindor but…. a little bit of me is Slitheryn…Draco, Lucius (expecially movie Lucius) and the great Piton (mmh..this is the italian name,dunno what’s the english version…-_-) who seems a crazy italian singer Renato Zero… they’re all great!!!

On saturday I bought my tikets to NY, I had my passport and insurance…tomorrow I’ll see Lele and we’ll talk about what to bring with us and she’ll also talk me about August, a boy she knew last year who will perhaps be with us but she doesn’t know exactly!

Tomorrow Ettora will come back from her work in a Cruise Company and she’ll stay here till December..I’m soo happy to see her but also sad ‘cause she’ll go away in a few and will stay at the Carribean Sea till May… -_- But tomorrow we’ll hve a great party!!!!!^^

I won’t go to Fiumara till April…too long to explain but living is better than die in a Shop Center or a Cinema…think I’ll see The Return of the King here, in Savona… safer!!! X_O

Last thing… I’ve just read one of the greatest comic book ever: BATMAN:THE KILLING JOKE.
I HATE Batman comics,I hate Batman itself, just lve Tim Burton’s movies and the villains living in Gotham City…but The Killing Joke is really wonderful, maybe because it talks about Joker’s past and describe his and Batman’s psychology in a strange and clever way…maybe because it’s not stupid as a normal Superheroes’tale…anyway it’s really great and makes me wanna buy every single comic written by Alan Moore (who I know is one of the greatest comics writer ever!!)..in the end..read it!!!^^ (even if u hate Batman as I do!!!^^)

Before to go….


101) Armageddon ** (with Bruce Willis, Steve Buscemi and Peter Stormare)
102) Dr. Strangelove or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb ** (by Stanley Kubrick with Peter Sellers)
103) Austin Powers * (LP with Seth Green, Mike Myers)
104) Harry Potter and the Philosophal Stone ** (with Tom Felton)
105) Scrooged ** (with Bill Murray and Bobcat Goldtwaith) / Robin Hood **
106) Storm of the Century (LP from Stephen King) / Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead *** (with Gary oldman and Tim Roth)
107) The Parasite Murders / Rabid (by David Cronenberg)
108) Buffy the Vampire Slayers season 5 #22: The Gift ***
Season 6 # 1/2: Bargaining ** / #3: Afterlife (all with James Marsters, Allyson Hannigan)
109) The Mexican (with James Gandolfini) / Meet the Parents * (with Robert de Niro and Ben Stiller)
110) Magnolia **
111) My Journey to Italy (LP by Martin Scorsese) / JawBreaker (LP)
112) Eve’s Bayou ** (with Samuel L.Jackson) / The Mask (with Jim Carrey)
113) Vampires ** (by John Carpenter with Daniel Baldwin)
114) Idle Hands *** (with Seth Green) / Getting Any? * (by Takeshi Kitano)
115) Natural Born Killers *** (with Woody Harrelson)
116) Some Like it Hot! ***
117) Gridlock’d (with Tim Roth)
117/b) Rear Window (by Alfred Hitchcock)
118) Hotel New Hampshire (with Seth Green and Amanda Plummer)
119) Final Destination (censored version >.<) / Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 3 # 21/22: Graduation Day ** (with Seth Green and Allyson Hannigan)
120) Con Air ** (with John Malkovich, Steve Buscemi and Danny Trejo)

To be continued…

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Thursday, November 13th, 2003
9:51 pm - Odio
Ho detto non lo scrivo e invece no!

Perchè mi sono rotta .... inutile piangere sul latte versato. Dei poveri cristi carabinieri sono morti e per cosa??? Stupidità umana, al solito.. a dimostrazione che la cosa migliore è sempre farsi i fatti propri e non leccare il c**o a chi è più potente di noi.
Obiettivamente il Grande Bovaro Occidentale nn ha sempre (anzi mai!) ragione ma l'importante è che il Piccolo Imprenditore Politico gli dia sempre e comunque ragione... non sia mai che ci distinguiamo dalla massa dei paesi di pecore e lo mandiamo a cagare come si merita!!!


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