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Time runs faster and faster and it’s amazing thinking that perhaps in 29 days I’ll be in New York (perhaps, always perhaps,you never can tell…. -_-)

I’m spending my days going to university and reading the wonderful Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix… Lucius Malfoy is already appeared and I’m too happy!!^^ That is, I LOVE Harry(Ithe one I love less…) Ron and Hermione(the two I love the most and I’d like they’ll start love each other, even if Hermione is far more smart that poor Ron!!), my heart goes to Griffindor but…. a little bit of me is Slitheryn…Draco, Lucius (expecially movie Lucius) and the great Piton (mmh..this is the italian name,dunno what’s the english version…-_-) who seems a crazy italian singer Renato Zero… they’re all great!!!

On saturday I bought my tikets to NY, I had my passport and insurance…tomorrow I’ll see Lele and we’ll talk about what to bring with us and she’ll also talk me about August, a boy she knew last year who will perhaps be with us but she doesn’t know exactly!

Tomorrow Ettora will come back from her work in a Cruise Company and she’ll stay here till December..I’m soo happy to see her but also sad ‘cause she’ll go away in a few and will stay at the Carribean Sea till May… -_- But tomorrow we’ll hve a great party!!!!!^^

I won’t go to Fiumara till April…too long to explain but living is better than die in a Shop Center or a Cinema…think I’ll see The Return of the King here, in Savona… safer!!! X_O

Last thing… I’ve just read one of the greatest comic book ever: BATMAN:THE KILLING JOKE.
I HATE Batman comics,I hate Batman itself, just lve Tim Burton’s movies and the villains living in Gotham City…but The Killing Joke is really wonderful, maybe because it talks about Joker’s past and describe his and Batman’s psychology in a strange and clever way…maybe because it’s not stupid as a normal Superheroes’tale…anyway it’s really great and makes me wanna buy every single comic written by Alan Moore (who I know is one of the greatest comics writer ever!!) the it!!!^^ (even if u hate Batman as I do!!!^^)

Before to go….


101) Armageddon ** (with Bruce Willis, Steve Buscemi and Peter Stormare)
102) Dr. Strangelove or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb ** (by Stanley Kubrick with Peter Sellers)
103) Austin Powers * (LP with Seth Green, Mike Myers)
104) Harry Potter and the Philosophal Stone ** (with Tom Felton)
105) Scrooged ** (with Bill Murray and Bobcat Goldtwaith) / Robin Hood **
106) Storm of the Century (LP from Stephen King) / Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead *** (with Gary oldman and Tim Roth)
107) The Parasite Murders / Rabid (by David Cronenberg)
108) Buffy the Vampire Slayers season 5 #22: The Gift ***
Season 6 # 1/2: Bargaining ** / #3: Afterlife (all with James Marsters, Allyson Hannigan)
109) The Mexican (with James Gandolfini) / Meet the Parents * (with Robert de Niro and Ben Stiller)
110) Magnolia **
111) My Journey to Italy (LP by Martin Scorsese) / JawBreaker (LP)
112) Eve’s Bayou ** (with Samuel L.Jackson) / The Mask (with Jim Carrey)
113) Vampires ** (by John Carpenter with Daniel Baldwin)
114) Idle Hands *** (with Seth Green) / Getting Any? * (by Takeshi Kitano)
115) Natural Born Killers *** (with Woody Harrelson)
116) Some Like it Hot! ***
117) Gridlock’d (with Tim Roth)
117/b) Rear Window (by Alfred Hitchcock)
118) Hotel New Hampshire (with Seth Green and Amanda Plummer)
119) Final Destination (censored version >.<) / Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 3 # 21/22: Graduation Day ** (with Seth Green and Allyson Hannigan)
120) Con Air ** (with John Malkovich, Steve Buscemi and Danny Trejo)

To be continued…
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