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10 months....

Hi boys and girls I’m back again… I haven’t written my LJ since December… I’ve been too busy because of university but now, if God helps me a lot, if only I could pass Spanish last exam.. I will start write down my thesis and on March I’ll be able to end fuckin’ university!!!

Anyway, little bit of RESUMEN from January… I…

- went to NY, USA and had a lot of fun, really the best experience of all my life!!
- Start going out with my cousin and some of his friends, with Ilaria, Elena and her friends and also became good friend of Barbara (Monica’s boyfriend sister) and her ex-boyfriend Simone
- Bought myself a DVD player (at least!!!)
- Went to Cannes (with Barbara and Simone) where I saw my little sweet and cute Quentin Tarantino, together with Uma Thurman, David Carradine, Michael Madsen, Lucy Liu, Darryl Hannah, Tim Roth, Cathleen Turner, Kevin Bacon, Pedro Almodovar and many others… One of the best day of my life!!
- With my family, started working on our new home, located in Ellera, where my granny lives… If I have to be honest I’d rather live here,Ellera is not a funny nor a comfortable place… but I’m thinking about a garden with lots of kitties!!!
- Seen nearly all Lucio Fulci’s movies because Ale wants to kill me in this way…
- Made my Alan Ford Collection bigger.

The little summary’s done….

In these days I started looking for a part time job…easy,you may think! Yeah, of course…but why the hell I can’t find one? Yesterday went to the Job Centre, where they told me I’ve lost my “ right of seniority” (I was registered there since 1996), so I had to enter again but the lady in the office told me it will be reeeeally difficult to find a part time job through the Job Center…why don’t I look for a job at a temporary employement agency?
..Ok, she’s right, but what’s the meaning of a Job Centre, then?.. Ok, I give up, I can’t understand…

Anyway tomorrow I’ll try to go to this agency…. Hope to find a job, just to do something while writing my thesis…writing…thinking about it, thinking about…..

Oh, and I also want to learn cooking!! On Monday I’ve made a smooth Chocolate Cake..yumm!!!!!

I’m a little worryed about Paola and monica… On Saturday Paola quarrelled with his boyfriend, she send me a sms cause she was so sad and told me she would call soon…but I haven’t heard from her yet!
And about Monica..well, at least her boyfriend has succeeded in leaving for London, I don’t know what the hell he’s thinking he will do there since he’s a whole prick but the point is that now Momma will surely be very sad..I’ll phone her tomorrow, cause her “RAT” leaved this morning… no words, really..he’s such a loser!!!

Ok I’ll go now..hope not to wait months before to write again!!!


WATCHING: Pulp Fiction (DVD)
Amélie (VHS)
Buffy season 3 episode “Dead Man’s Party” (VHS)
READING: Red Dragon by Richard Harrys
Dylan Dog # 67: The Man Who Lived Twice
Alan Ford # 24: Boy Scout
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