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The Italian Job ( ???)

Sad week…
Went to ALL the temporary employement agencies in Savona, gave my cv and ALWAYS heard these words: since you’re looking for a part-time job and haven’t got experience it would be VERY DIFFICULT for you to find a job!!

Ok,but how the hell will I have work experiences if I can’t work???….ther will never be an answer for such a question…

While I was home swearing like a trooper against world and agencies the phone rang… It was a corporation looking for part-time workers, they need telephone operators. So I went there for an interview but, you see, I wasn’t happy about that situation because a corporation which need to phone around just to find workers doesn’t seem so serious to fact the “boss” was kinda oily, a Berlusconi wannabe and the girl who had to introduce me to the work too….and they were in a hell of a hurry, they needed telephone operators pretty soon and didn’t explain much…I refused to work there when I saw the girl at the phone using a phone guide and bother every single person on that guide, with surveys and proposals for buying some stuff… I ran away cause it all seemed so illegal!!!! X_o

Oh and Salotti, the prof teaching cinema won’t be my co-supervisor for the thesis…so I’ve got no work, no money, no co-supervisor… I’m fed up, guys!!!

Hope I’ll be able to finish my Sally costume in time for Hallowen….


WATCHING: Pulp Fiction (DVD)
Amélie (VHS)
Buffy season 3 episode “Dead Man’s Party” (VHS)
Nip/Tuck (VHS)
Smackdown! (yesterday a friend gave me a Kurt Angle photo... God how can a man be sooo sexy dressed like a normal man and at the same time be ugly while fighting in that stupid costume...anyway Angle is too cool!!!) (VHS)
READING: The Silence of the Lambs by Richard Harrys
Alan Ford # 36: The Centurion
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