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Any Given Sunday

Yesterday evening I went with Monica, Barbara and other girl to a hiphop club in Genova, it was inauguration day so there was a lot of people..not quite bad but I don’t like too crowded places… Anyway the music was cool even if one of the djs was FISH from an italian band called SOTTOTONO, which I hate a lot… anyway yesterday this Fish put on some good stuff!

In the morning Simone brought me ALL the Alias Season One dvds, with Tarantino’s episodes too, I was so happy!!!! Simone is so gentle and funny!!! I’m so sad I can only see him once or twice a month… -_-

Aand yesterday evening Bruce Willis was on tv as a guest at an Italian TV show called “Il cielo è sempre più blu” (The Sky is more and more blue)and, together with Giorgio Panariello, the host, did a lot of stupid and funny things, he also speaked italian and played the harmonica..Bruce is always the best (and he’s also toooooooooooo sexy!!!!)!!! ^__^ Of course I recorded this performance… <3 <3
Another sexy guy on tv yesterday was Kurt Angle… I wanna go to USA again… real men only live there!!!..someone lives also here in Italy but they don’t even see you…yes, I’m talking about YOU, damned lifeguard!!!!! >.<

So, now I’ll go and sew up my Halloween dress (really a long, hard work!!!!)..yep yep!!!


LAST WHOLE MOVIE SEEN: Volcano High (oh my God what a stupid movie!!!!)
WATCHING: Pulp Fiction (DVD)
Amélie (VHS)
24 (VHS)
READING: The Silence of the Lambs
Alan Ford #42: Rich Christmas
Please Save My Earth #14
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