The Bride aka Black Mamba (djibril) wrote,
The Bride aka Black Mamba


Intense week!!

MONDAY: Passed the Spanish exam: as we called it, ESAME CAZZATA, too easy! I just have to wait for the last (I hope!) one now….I’m so afraid… Then I went to see Donnie Darko with Toto. It’s getting better thinking about it. When you see it it’s too shocking and difficult.

TUESDAY: The best day of the week. Went to MacNamara with Monica, cause we didn’t want to go to Jubba and see Divina again (Barbara got angry and went home… what a pain in the ass!!). While we were sitting there, she saw a friend of hers and started talking to her. I started staring at a christmas sock hanging on the wall then I saw a big hand shaking in front of me… Hadn’t time enough to realize he was the man of my life,my beautiful fact I just saw a big boy hugging and kissing me!!! OMG!!!! What?!? We talk once in a while cause we narly don’t know each other and then YOU come to me, hug and kiss as we were really good friends??? Really, I nearly died, he just can’t understand what this means to me…I was so and so happy that I went to the bathroom and cried like a stupid girl who sees her freakin’favourite boyband’s guy!!!
Anyway when we went away I hissed him too…. I’m not so stupid anyway….. Freakin’stupid thing: he offered me some Kebab: I refused cause I don’t like that stuff and Toto tolde me: Are you stupid???? He didn’t mean Kebab….He offered you something else.
WAHAH…. Toto, I wish!!!! XDXDXDXDXD

THURSDAY: Started working as a babysitter for a beautiful baby (Marco, 2 years old), from Monday to Friday two hours a week. He’s the cutest and sweetest baby on earth!!!
This evening beast-party with Consu and Pusher: this winter, I don’t know why, I hear from them very often….We went to Macnamara again (no love..sigh!!) and then to the Monkey where Consu introduced me to Samuele, aka Kurt Angle, wonderful handsome boy, totally stupid and a pervert too, her ex, and she wanted me to go out with me… But he still wants her, and I don’t want him, so what’s the meaning of all this??? I don’t know…

SATURDAY: Went shopping with Monica (met her friends…soooooooooo funny, like a pain in the ass!!) and in the evening went to Monkey again with Ilaria, Consu, Pusher, Jenny and (OMG) Torakiki, who was totally drunk and started screaming she wanna fuck with her boyfriend. I was sooooooo ashamed!!!!!! Why the hell is she so stupid and vulgar? How can you scream such things in a DISCO??? to the bar, where the music is low…she started doing this at 245, at 3 I was home… I coudn’t bear her!!
And poor Ilaria was pissed all night by Kurt Angle who wanted her just because Consu was with another man… I’ve always thought he was stupid. In fact when we went away he started screaming and yelling at Consu because he wanted to “go in the bathroom” with her… Poor Ilaria!!!


P.S. Ale has chicken pox, poor thing, so I gave him some horror movies just to keep him alive. He’s ill because I’ve cursed him, of course….
And her girlfriend is sad because INVAXÖN, Buio Pesto’s movie, is on just in Genova and maybe we couldn’t see it. SADNESS!!!! T_T


LAST WHOLE MOVIE SEEN: Nosferatu a Venezia (Ale la maledizione continua….!)
WATCHING: Buffy The Vampire Slayer season 3 (VHS)
Once Upon a Time in America (DVD)
Lilo and Stitch (DVD) – grazie Ettora!!! –
The Age of Innocence (VHS)
Hellraiser (VHS)
READING: Dark Tower IV
The Age of Innocence
Alan Ford #60: Golpe
Please Save My Earth #14
Dylan Dog # 77: The last man on Earth
Gals! #6
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