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Anf anf!!

I’m getting more and more nervous. Spanish exam is approaching, like a nightmare….. I try not to think about it but, how can I?, since I have to study all day??? I wish I could work all week but Marco has flu so I have to stay home and think about the exam and get nervous. So I have to think about…whatever I can!!!!

Think: Will Consuelo ever meet the love of her life (the last of a lot!!), known on the web several weeks ago?
Think: Will I go out on saturday or friday and see the love of MY life??
Think: Will I kill the baby downstairs screaming and quarelling with whoever he sees all day long??
Think: How’s gonna end The Dark Tower? And Buffy??
Think: The Grudge scared me a lot… A week after I’m still afraid of elevators, showers and dark places….
Think: Will I ever get enough money to buy these DVDs on
< The Nightmare Before Christmas Special Edition; Fargo SE; The Craft SE; Idle Hands; Beetlejuice; Four Rooms; Mallrats; National Lampoon’s Animal House SE; The Texas Chainsaw Massacre SE; Ed Wood; Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday 13th; Rosemary’s Baby; A Nightmare on Elm Street; Knockaround Guys; Ghostbusters I/II; Donnie Darko Director’s Cut; Horror in the Attic; Perpetrators of the Crime; Last House on the Left; The Italian Job; Kill Bill vol.2; Iterview With the Vampire; Lost in Translation and Evil Dead Tilogy>
????? I hope so.
At least I know I’ll buy Buffy Season 6 Box Set. Just that. Just because italian version has been completely ruined by a bad translation. And because I’ve got a great Troika crush and wanna absolutely hear The Geeks of Doom’s voices.

And what else?

Nothing. Ta – ta for now!


LAST WHOLE MOVIE SEEN: Mulholland Drive (PLEEEZE someone explain me this weird movieee!!!)
WATCHING: Buffy The Vampire Slayer season 4 (VHS)
Amélie (DVD)
Hellraiser (VHS)
READING: Dark Tower V
Alan Ford #73: Doctor Cancer
One Piece #30
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